Back to School

We have all been there, our first day back at school, kicking and screaming, thinking how unfair it was that our parents didn’t have to endure the torture we were about to incur for another term! Well parents of 2015, I think we all agree it really is the kids that have it easier!

So, how do we deal with the chaos of back to school and maintain/re-introduce an exercise routine, AND stay sane!? You might be in the mindset like some of us and wait around for the ‘right time’ to exercise, realising weeks later you still haven’t found the time…

Any parent knows that planning and preparation can prove to be a difficult task, however when there is a routine in place it is the easiest thing to live by!

Tips on how to plan:

– A weekly calendar to include all work/family/other commitments. Making the endless to do list easier to view and tackle. Therefore you can set aside specific times to make it down to EPL or time to do a quick mat session at home.

– Why not make yourself as prepared as you do for your children!? Pack your exercise bag the night before, making sure to eliminate the ‘i forgot my grippy socks’ excuse… Even keeping an extra bag of exercise gear at work or in the car; you never know if your schedule suddenly changes and you can make a tower class last minute!

Integrate exercise with other activities. If your child is at football/rounders/netball practice, use the time to jog or walk around the field.

Get motivated, planning and prep is pointless without sincere intentions. Find other mums in the same boat as you and encourage each other. Make a commitment.

Aims/goals/progress. Gradually increasing the time dedicated to exercise will allow you to watch your progress rather than feel stagnant and bored of your current regime. The sense of achievement you will feel when you reach these targets will motivate you to continue the habit.

However, no matter how carefully or well you plan your weekly routines, we should always factor in life’s uncertainties. It is wise to expect times where you can’t be as active as you’d like, try not to feel guilty or be too hard on yourself about it! At the same time, don’t let a minor setback leave you putting off getting back in to things for too long!

How introducing Pilates can help life at home:

Feel less stressed. Pilates is a preventative and relief to stress, and we all know a happy mum is a happy home.

– Feel better about yourself. Pilates can help improve your relationship with your partner after kids. Keep fit and confident, balance your hormones, connect and tone your pelvic floor muscles!

– Becoming more mindful, relaxed, and focused. Become more helpful when your children need help with homework.

– Feel more energised for play time.

– Have a better night sleep!

We can’t forget about the teen generation! When the kids reach their teenage years, parents tend to shift their focus as there is a lot more time for themselves and to really get back in to their fitness regime. However, consider this an opportunity to bond, include your teens in your Pilates sessions and you can both reap the benefits.


Unfocused, unmotivated, sleepy teens CAN be helped. We all know coursework, exams, and the general life troubles of a teen can be a lot to handle. Break up their day and relieve some of the stress with Pilates. Studies have also shown the likelihood of high blood pressure and risk for stroke and heart diseases later in life, can be increased in teens who struggle falling/staying asleep. Pilates will help with sleep patterns and in turn better their mood and balance hormones. Win-win for the whole family!

Our Duet reformer sessions enable you to spend this time with either your tired teenager or with your other half. Finding a hobby with your hubby can make life a little sweeter; just 55 minutes away from the outside world and become more in tune with your minds and bodies. Why not get started now…


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