The EPL girls were super busy bees yesterday at Be-Fit London, making lots of purchases and getting to know some of the new health and fitness brands that are out there today!

Walking up towards the entrance of Angel’s Business Design Centre, we knew we were in the right place as beautifully sculpted bodies were casually stood in their brightest, most vibrant coloured training gear! We were ready to get involved! However, as soon as we were greeted by a giant Fage Total Yoghurt stand with an audience waiting for the next tasting session, we knew we were in for a heavy day…

photo 3-3

Before we made our way upstairs to where the epic tasting battle would commence, a small stand on the ground floor in the corner caught my eye… it was Unoco coconut water! Something I had tried once before and demanded “this is the best coconut, everyone must try it!” – and after trying some samples for the second time I am maintaining my opinion – absolutely clean and delicious!

Up the stairs and we still haven’t met with our impending future of fullness and sick tummies! Instead we browsed through different sportswear and activewear brands to which I was drawn to a pair of fluorescent turquoise leggings with accents of yellows and greens using imagery of Rio – by Brazil Activewear!



Our next leggings purchase were a pair from Jooga, a brand that “stock funky, colourful and individual activewear. Many of our leggings and hot pants are eco-conscious and sustainable – made from plastic bottles which are recycled into Polyester”. So not only will EPL’s very own Gaby Noble be contributing to an eco-friendly and sustainable environment, she will be doing it looking fabulous in a pair of glamorous reflective leggings too!

So, after exhausting ourselves by trying on everything, we were ready for some protein and some pick-me-ups!

Protein has been a bit of an awkward area for me, and for many women I know. I have been approached by so many of my girlfriends asking me “which Protein should I take?”, “will it make me fat?”, “what do I need it for?”. It can be a grey area for ladies that aren’t crazy weight lifters that use it for muscles recovery/mass or for those are using protein shakes as meal substitutes for dieting. The one thing I have come to realise having been a weight lifter, a runner, a dieter, and now a settled healthy Pilates teacher trainee, the only thing I want from my protein is to know it is as ‘clean’ as possible to do the job right. We were so happy to come across Purition, a brand that stand for these same principles!

Low Gi, Gluten free, filled with healthy fats/fibre/protein. For example, the ingredients in our favourite flavour ‘Macadamia and Vanilla’: Pasture fed Whey Protein Isolate, Golden linseed (Flax), Sunflower Kernels, Almonds, 10% Pistachios (pistachio only), 10% Macadamia nuts (mac only), Coconut, Chia Seeds, Sesame Seeds, 8% Cocoa (chocolate only), Pumpkin Seeds, Innactive Nutritional Yeast, Psyllium Husk (fibre), Apple Pectin (fibre), Whole Vanilla pods (mac only), Stevia. And a measly 46cals per 10g scoop!

raw_vegan_hemp_3 coconut_5 mac_and_vanilla_3








On to products that were more treat than clean, including: discovering our favourite flavours from Nakd (Cafe Mocha + Rhubarb&Custard), Trek, Bounce balls, Quest bars, Meridian Peanut butter bars (coming soon to stores), Pulsin bars, Chia Pod, Upbeat protein drink with milk, Smooze frozen fruit and coconut water – perfect for summer, blend with rum and you have a perfect clean cocktail! As we went on it became a label less blur of chocolate flavoured substances, soon to which we said ‘thank you, but no thank you’ to!

photo 1-2
A shout out to the last few products we loved: Food Detective. The world’s first food intolerance home testing kit! We cannot wait to discover which foods we are truly sensitive to, and finally master a clean and healthy diet catered to our own needs. Everyone should get their hands on one of these before entering the diet season!


Finally, our two Be-Fit-Celeb sightings. We spent some time on the Lucy Bee stand discussing various recipes using her very own coconut oil, whether you’re putting in your smoothies or creating thai tastes in a stir fry dish, it’s yum! Lovely meeting the team – all super lovely ladies!

photo 4


Finally, we grabbed a Matcha tea from Teapigs to refresh our palettes and jumped on to the very busy Madeline Shaw‘s stand. What a lovely lady Madeline is and so very gorgeous in person, we had a quick chat with her about her new book ‘Get the glow’, full of fantastic recipes and wished her all the best in her exciting new adventures! We can’t wait to see more from Madeline!



What a day! Full of tasting everything, exciting new products and brands, super enthusiastic people, various muscle massage treatments, trying on sportswear, finally we dragged ourselves around the corner for a deserving glass of bubbles!

Thank you Be-Fit for introducing us to some fantastic people and products. We are very excited to maintain some relationships and try out our new buys!


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