Pilates is never leaving my life I’m truly addicted.

Sandra Levine

My Pilates journey has definitely started and I love it. I was quite dubious at the start but now go 2-3 x per week and my core and posture has completely changed for the better. Gaby is a great teacher who works you hard and is very attentive.

Donna Jacobs

Gaby’s classes are Epic!  We do the hundred  and fifty every class.  She is extremely dedicated and technique precision is her gold.  I’m really happy that after almost 3 years doing Pilates only in 4 months with her I’m stronger and working out my hyper mobility!

Rebeca Murillo

Gaby is a great teacher who clearly communicates goals, models the techniques and enthused me to push myself further. If I were Ofsted (which i’m not, thank god) I would give her a Grade 1 – Outstanding. I’m now a Pilates convert and I’m glad I’ve found a teacher who is as enthusiastic about my progress as I am.

Katie Butler

The instructors are fantastic – especially Gaby – they are so passionate about Pilates, very attentive and they clearly love what they do plus, they genuinely do care about making sure you’re doing everything correctly and helping you to get the most out of every class. They’re enthusiastic, know what they’re talking about and good fun too!

Diane Curtis

I feel like a new person! Pilates is like a deep massage that results in relaxation, strength and better posture I always feel so good after a Pilates class.

Harriet Durbin

I can’t tell you in words how wonderful the last two weeks have been… You’ve  made  a  mother of 3 with the weight of the world on her shoulders stand tall and smile again… Thank you Gaby Noble for being the best Pilates instructor and for being you… Now eyes to the navel… and pull from your abs…Nooo…tailbone down…*snigger*.

Marie Charalambous

Gaby masterfully got me and my back in shape for the Mississippi Million challenge an event requiring circa 30 miles of tough rowing over a number of days. Indeed whilst some other crew members experienced back strain my only problem was an infected finger-not part of Gaby’s remit. Thank you Gaby.

John Taylor

The best thing is how much stronger I feel – I quickly noticed that in other fitness classes I find core exercises much easier than I used to. I really look forward to my class each week, which is somehow relaxing but also feels like a great work out… and we always have a laugh as well.

Rosanna Ramsay

A session of Exhale Pilates sets me up for the day and even longer, as I go about my day mindful and aware and walking tall. I am looking forward to many more sessions of Exhale Pilates.

Anita Whittle

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