Festival Fever

We kicked off our summer of Festivals with Glasto last weekend, so before we experience the full festival fever let’s get ourselves prepared with some easy workouts to take with us – you don’t even have to leave your tent!

I don’t know about you but I know my festival weekends come with some after-guilt… it’s just so hard to resist the burgers, hot dogs and Pimm’s so I like to enjoy the indulgences even more by training for just 15 minutes in the morning- in my tent!

First of all, a big recommendation to bring your mat with you; you can use it as extra padding and protection underneath your sleeping bag, as a pillow, as a foam roller to massage your back after nights of sleeping on the hard ground, and of course to workout either inside or outside the tent!

Our 15 minute festival exercise regime:

The Hundred; with knees at table top for restricted space. 5 inhale, 5 exhale x10

hundred grass

Half Roll Down; good to stretch out the back as well as workout the abs x5

halfroll grass

Rolling Like A Ball; only if you have a mat with you, protect the spine. x6

grass-368315 copy

Scissors; limit your leg extension/lowering according to your space but make sure your legs are strong & straight, tailbone down x8


Lower Lift; if the ground is very hard, place your hands in a diamond shape under your tailbone to protect the lower back x4


Criss Cross; keep the knees at table top or knees bent/feet flat on mat, if space is very restricted. x8


Spine Stretch Forward; you can do with legs together and arms in genie position for space. x4


Shoulder Bridge; with leg variations. If you are limited with vertical space, lift one foot 2 inches out of the mat at a time instead of 90 degrees. x3 each side


Leg Series; on your side, bent knees, ankles in line with knees. leg lifts x6 each side, knee & heel touches x6 each side



Reinvigorate your body after uncomfortable sleeps and energise yourself before your big day of festival fun!




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