Hangover Cure!

It’s finally Friday! We all made it through another week of life and I know the EPL team will definitely be celebrating with a few glasses of wine. However, some of you might intend to have a bit more than a few glasses and end up with another groggy hangover, wasting your Saturday feeling sorry for yourself…

Guess what, and I know it’s becoming a bit repetitive, but we can help your hangover!

When you wake up tomorrow you might be experiencing some dehydration, headaches, stomach aches, lethargy, and you could be metabolically behind on your nutrition. Exercise does require hydration and nutrition, so here are some tips to do before class:

– Eat burnt toast. ‘The charred part of the bread contains carbon and carbon acts as a filter that helps eliminate some of the impurities in your body, and speeds up your detox. Pour a bit of honey on the toast, the simple sugars will help your body process the alcohol faster.’

– Down a Wheatgrass shot! ‘The high concentration of antioxidants will alleviate your hangover symptoms. But be warned, if you’re not accustomed to the taste, it might trigger some nausea.’


– Fresh fruit juice. ‘The fructose in fruit juice helps naturally increase energy levels. Research has shown that fructose increases the rate at which the body gets rid of toxins. Replenish the vitamins and antioxidants that were depleted the night before.’

During your workout, hydrate:

– While water does the trick to hydrate, coconut water contains electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and chloride) that help replenish and restore your system levels. Plus it’s low-calorie and nonfat!

After your session:

– Eat a big greasy fry up! ‘Sausage, ham and bacon are rich with B vitamins, which help further metabolise alcohol and remaining toxins. And then there are eggs and cheese, whose antioxidants will help ease your overall discomfort.’

How your Pilates session will help:

– Regulate your blood flow and oxygen levels to clear your headache.

– Help flush toxins from around your body, out through your pores. Sweat it out!

Stretch out your body after a relatively disturbed night’s sleep.

Relieve your stiff leg muscles and feet after dancing around in restrictive shoes!

– Boost your metabolism and make that delicious fry up worth it!

Most importantly, listen to your body and rest after your session if you can make it in… Get yourself booked in to one of tomorrow’s Tower Classes and make more of your Saturday, see you there!

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