Interested in our Tower classes but never used one? Think they look like torture chambers or just wanting to familiarise yourself before jumping into a class? This is the induction package for you. Work with our highly skilled teachers to become familiar with the terminology and movements of Pilates on the Tower so as to get the best out of your individually-tailored session as well as the complimentary class offered in this pack.


This package is great for clients wanting to join our reformer based classes and/or who are considering EPL’s private sessions. You will have two sessions centered around the specifics of your body requirements. You will learn the key principles and terminology of Pilates whilst familiarising yourself with the specialised movements on the reformer.

It’s important to note that the Pilates reformer gets better and better as its user becomes more familiar with it, and can be an unstable piece of apparatus when they don’t; the Reformer Induction will ensure you are getting the best of the reformer for your body and getting the most out of your sessions in an efficient and safe way.


Can’t decide which class to join or whether it’s private sessions you want? This package lets you have it all and is a great way to discover what’s best for you at EPL. You’ll start by learning the specifics of your body’s needs while having the benefit of both a Reformer and Tower class. Because you’ll be able to experience and enjoy all the apparatus the studio has to offer, this is the best induction for finding out where your body and mind feels most connected.