It’s All About The Booty…

2015 has definitely proven to be the year of the booty! Ladies across the world have gone wild to achieve that ‘Kardashian butt’, trying all types of new fad exercise regimes (and even surgery) to attain what some of the most famous A-listers are flaunting as their new, bigger and better booties…

However inspiring this might be with introducing a healthier body type to the next generation, we need to maintain our bodies in the healthiest way to achieve healthy, long lasting results.

Pilates training targets your glutes to build strength and increase your lean muscle mass. Most exercises target the glutes from a dynamic range of angles engaging the gluteus maximus, minimus and medius. The variety of angles means more noticeable results in less time. Some clients who do Pilates 3-4 times a week have seen noticeable results within just a month! So no quick fix implants or exhausting daily exercises needed, plus forget about injuries and recovery time! Pilates is low-impact so it’s easier on the joints, it doesn’t require advanced cardio endurance, so even though the workouts are challenging it is appropriate for all fitness levels.


Results to be noticed: Your butt should be more toned and perhaps a little smaller. If you start with a very small and undeveloped butt, it might grow a little, but again in a toned and attractive way.

Better posture is something Pilates can also pretty much guarantee. You and others will notice postural changes in your body after just a few Pilates sessions! Most of us stand in our hips, with our pelvis tucked under us. A better posture will simply help your booty appear more shapely and noticeable when standing up straight; it can also help to separate your inner thighs more and make your bust more pronounced. You’ve bagged multiple body goals just through one form of exercise!

Some exercises specifically for your glutes:

The Side Kick Series – Lying on your side, stabilising your upper body with your core, you are singling out your thigh and butt muscles to work on. There are various moves included in this series but here you can really feel the different areas of the flutes that are being worked on. Changing foot flexion and extension can also target different muscles within your thighs and booty!

Leg Extensions – These can be introduced in different exercises, for example in shoulder bridge you are using your glutes already to keep your pelvis lifted but introducing the leg lifts/lowers can help to tone and target the entire flute muscle group. Leg Extensions on all fours are also super beneficial as you are working the butt while maintaining a strong aligned spine, this will also help to work the upper body at the same time.

Single Leg Kicks – When this exercise is set up and performed correctly, you have an all over body workout. Spine is aligned, chest open, abs engaged, arms strong, hamstrings stretching, and your glutes are in charge.

Pilates beats – These are designed to tone the inner thigh and help gain muscle and size in the glutes. Rotating your legs so the heels point together and your toes reach away from your midline will turn on the inner thigh. The higher you lift your legs out of the mat (without compromising your lower back) the more we target the glutes for muscle building and strength.

The equipment – Leg Springs especially but most of the exercises on the equipment is there to deepen your work and reach deeper areas of the muscle groups. Super effective to achieve results even faster.

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Practicing Pilates consistently is the key to developing your ‘booty’. And not to forget the bonus features mentioned earlier… You will increase your lean muscle mass all over, this helps you to shed unwanted fat as the more muscle you have, the more efficiently you can burn calories, increasing weight loss and that defined butt!

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