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Gaby Noble

Gaby Noble


Suffering from her own physical restraints, Gaby had always used Pilates to calm the mind, support her hypermobility and to feed her zest for training & exercise.

Her clients are the number one priority and Exhale Pilates London is more than just a place to do Pilates. It is a community & a friendship. “working with clients is incredibly rewarding. To have a gift to give back is special, I just wish there were more hours in the day to do more!” says Gaby.

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Larissa Pinkham

Studio Manager

As well as being everyone’s go to woman and Gaby’s right hand lady (as if that wasn’t a big enough job! J) Larissa is also an actor and dancer. Amazed by the similarities of Pilates and Dance she is thrilled to be working in an environment that is so complimentary to her passion. Working at Exhale and with Gaby has helped me on many levels, especially becoming addicted to the Classical method which has made me stronger in my body to perform better on stage. When I get the chance to jump into a class I leave the studio feeling far more grounded and balanced. “Balancing the body is so important to help prevent injury but it also gets rid of the Larissa ism’s and tensions caused by my life which aren’t useful when applying myself to another character.”

Larissa has performed at venues such as The Royal Opera House and Riverside Television Studio. She is a huge contribution to the heart and soul of Exhale and we are lucky to have her as part of the team.

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Carlie Skan

Carlie Skan

Pilates Teacher

Carlie’s original background was in ballet with her introduction to Pilates coming after she completed her training at the Royal Academy of Dancing. She has over 16 years Pilates teaching experience and is passionate about its’ ability to change bodies, making them stronger, more flexible, leaner and more functional. She believes that one of the most extraordinary things about Pilates is that, no matter what level you are, there is always more to learn, refine and understand. Both your body and your brain get a workout while you reap the benefits of Pilates in the studio and in everyday life.

She has trained with Pilates Body Awareness (PBA), Body Arts and Science International (BASI) and, most recently, with Authentic Pilates Education (APE) in Sydney, Australia, where she taught for 18 months. She continues to expand her knowledge by attending workshops and Pilates conferences, continuing personal practice and lessons.

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Gemma Shaw

Pilates Teacher

Gemma qualified in 2012 with Power Pilates. Particularly after having two children in a short space of time, Gemma has fully experienced first hand exactly how Pilates can strengthen and rehabilitate the human body.

Gemma is inspired by the way Pilates realigns and improves the body.  She loves working at Exhale Pilates London. “EPL is an amazing place to work, the clients, teachers and apparatus are the best. We are very lucky!” says Gemma.

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Gaby Noble

Talya Disler

Talya Disler

Pilates Teacher

Talya is a certified Classical Pilates teacher and was also one of EPL’s original clients at the studio! After quickly becoming addicted to the method and it’s benefits, Talya quickly changed career from fashion to Pilates.

“Pilates never ceases to amaze me. The method creates such powerful results both mentally and physically & the outcome is always a happier, more confident, stronger, & balanced client.”

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Liam Burke

Pilates Teacher

After suffering an injury at the end of my dance career I discovered Joseph Pilates’; incredible method CONTROLOGY and I’ve been able to rehabilitate my body and use the method to maintain the kind of ‘dance shape’; I was in at the peak of my career. My flexibility and strength have actually increased!

I love teaching this Method and seeing how quickly my clients’ bodies can change once they put their mind to it.
Besides teaching Pilates and being a former West End and Broadway dancer in the films Swing Kids, Center Stage and The Producers, I am also a playwright, journalist, choreographer and actor!

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Liam Burke


Chiara Cosenza

Pilates Teacher

Chiara completed her BSc Sports Therapy Degree in  2012 and has been registered with The Society of Sports Therapists ever since. Graduating from The Pilates Center Advanced Teacher Training Program in 2015 she is a true advocate for the Classical method and continues to develop her learnings through workshops and working with other Classical teachers.

Chiara has extensive experience working with runners and rugby players as well as treating patients involved in RTAs and accidents at work.

Having always been active all her life Chiara truly believes that movement is at the base of a healthy life style, whether you are recovering from an injury, trying to correct a movement pattern or just simply wanting to work on your posture.

Chiara’s passion for the pilates method is contagious, after a class with her you will feel more energised and most definitely motivated to develop your own practice. “

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Yarit Dor

Pilates Teacher

Yarit is a certified Classical Pilates and Garuda teacher. She loves Pilates because it never ceases to amaze her! The method creates such powerful results both mentally and physically; these might shine through sooner for some than for others, but the outcome is always a happier, more confident, stronger, more balanced, and aware client. What is not to love?!

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Nadia Katz

Pilates Teacher

I’m a regular person whose life was completely changed by the Pilates method. Throughout my personal Pilates journey, I have rehabilitated my own injuries (back, knee and shoulder), eliminated pain and watched my body change dramatically. I have become stronger than I ever imagined possible, such that I even find myself regularly performing athletic and acrobatic feats (and hanging upside down in my spare time)! How could I not share this powerful holistic method with others?

Teaching Pilates is endlessly fun and rewarding. I love seeing my students’ bodies change like mine has, making them feel great and enhancing the activities and sports they love to do. I firmly believe that Pilates is for everyone and I love working with all kinds of people, from athletes to the desk-bound. My teaching style is fun, meticulous and challenging, so you’ll feel the slightest adjustment making the right muscles work harder. I am forever committed (some might say obsessive!) to furthering my education, increasing my knowledge of the body and enhancing my teaching skills. This has led me to frequently attend workshops and regularly train in USA with master teachers.

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Stacey Smith

Pilates Teacher

I started off as a contemporary dancer and then later a dance teacher.  I was introduced to Pilates 10 years ago by chance when I couldn’t get to a yoga class and that’s where my journey began. I was lucky enough to experience the classical work on the equipment and immediately fell in love with it.

Originally I trained as a contemporary Pilates teacher but was always intrigued by the passion of the classical teachers, working directly from the authentic original source sounded fascinating. I thought immersing myself in something was the best way to become a good teacher, it is an on-going journey.

Other than dance, nothing else has ever connected me to my body like Pilates and given that all over body workout. It makes you feel strong and centered both physically and mentally.  I always walk away from a session feel invigorated. It challenges the body, confronts your weaknesses, that often you don’t even know you have and the continuing advancements of technique and self-practice are endless. It is the bodies secret weapon.

As a teacher I love seeing people fall in love with something I am passionate about too. The end of a session is the best time because the clients faces and bodies have changed from when they came in through the door. They have given themselves some precious time to focus on themselves and what they need that day, to be able to help with that is a blessing. I know how much Pilates can help to improve people’s lives and bodies and it doesn’t’t take long for clients to see that too. It isn’t about me as teacher, it is about me passing on Pilates to those that want to listen and practice with me and feel Pilates in their bodies. Watching them make progress is like being a parent!!

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Myrto Gkasiali

Pilates Teacher

After a 10-year background in ballet and contemporary dance, whilst searching for a form of exercise that would make a difference to her body and soul, Myrto finally discovered what she was looking for, through Pilates, in 2008. After 4 years attending Pilates classes and after having completed her BSc in Nursing, she decided to train as a Pilates Instructor in Athens, Greece. With the guidance of the Master Trainer Evita Iliopoulou, she completed her training in 2013 and has since then been teaching the classical Pilates repertoire, always staying true to the fundamental values, as described by Joseph Pilates. Her strong appetite for knowledge and new experiences, led her to London where she will continue getting deeper knowledge into the method, while sharing her passion.

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Natalia del Olmo

Pilates Teacher

Natalia calls herself “the eternal student”. She is a fully certified Pilates instructor by PeakPilates, with five years of teaching experience. She gained a degree in Sports Science at University and obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition. Her passion for psychology and health lead her to become a certified Life coach with iPEC. She understands that the body and the mind must be worked together to achieve true health and happiness, so she continues her education in this field.

Natalia believes that the Pilates Method is the discipline that will help you to be closer to your body and spirit. During her classes you will be challenged, you will move and reconnect with your breathing, and gain an understanding of how to move your body during your daily activities. She loves to help others achieve their goals and enjoys meeting people from all around the world.

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