Isabelle Russo


Isabelle was introduced to Pilates whilst studying dance at university. With a strong background in classical modern dance and ballet, it was a natural transition to channel a passion for movement and the body into teaching Pilates. Originally from New York, Isabelle did her classical training through USPA. She loves working with the Classical Pilates system, alternating movements of strength, with movements of flexibility, to strengthen and lengthen the body. Isabelle’s sessions provide a dynamic workout that engages mind and body to help clients feel good, strong, and confident.

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Isabelle Russo
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Q&A with Isabelle

Tell us one non-Pilates fact about you?

I’m an actor!

What’s your favourite post Pilates snack?

An Eat Natural protein bar

What is your favourite Pilates apparatus?

The reformer

Which three words describe your personality?

Charismatic, creative and calm

What is your nickname?


What do you love about Exhale?

The welcoming, supportive and friendly atmosphere


The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power.Joseph Pilates