FRIDAY JUNE 16TH  2023 – 10AM to 6pm


We as Pilates instructors are always faced with clients with special needs. It is about getting them moving and keeping them healthy. This workshop by Master Instructor and Schroth certified physical therapist, Sonjé Mayo, will provide a deeper perspective and comprehension of the spine and the condition of adult scoliosis.

Pilates teachers need to be made aware of their limitations in dealing with scoliosis. This course will give teachers the knowledge and insight to make informed decisions about clients with scoliosis.

This course does not qualify a Pilates teacher to diagnose scoliosis.


This mini workshop will address the precision and attention to detail that Joe Pilates demanded on the reformer.

Although Joe did not adhere to an order, he was adamant about how to get on and off the reformer correctly, applying economy of movement, and performing each exercise with the utmost concentration and intensity. The beautiful transitions were created by Romana and other elders.

This workshop will help teachers understand progression, provide good imagery cues and help develop the teacher’s critical eye.


The initial body scan gives a teacher a lot of information, particularly the position of the pelvis.

The Tower/Cadillac workout has developed as an invaluable method of strengthening, lengthening and focusing the client on their particular needs.

The correct neural connection can then be applied to the Mat and Reformer, which will facilitate the flow.

Transferring the Reformer order to the Tower is challenging. The same exercises are done with a different relationship to gravity.  Some exercises can be preparatory and serve as a stepping stone to the end product on the Reformer. Other exercises are more difficult on the Tower and address the weak link when doing them on the Reformer.