Exhale Pilates’s live, online classes and private sessions give you everything you’d get from an in-person session, achieving results when getting to the studio isn’t possible.

With Exhale’s online workouts, you see your expert teacher right there in front of you, in real time, training alongside you for maximum motivation and results. Both classes and private sessions are live streamed to any device, whenever, wherever, so if you struggle to find the time to attend the studio or have other commitments, there’s always a way to squeeze in an online session.

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With classes available throughout the day, every day, there is always a Pilates fix waiting for you!

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Each 55 minute online class is tailored to suit all Pilates levels, abilities and goals.


Our highly skilled teachers keep a close eye on all of the attendees to ensure that everyone is in the correct form, they will always offer encouragement to individuals and modifications to increase the difficulty, work around injury or to suit a variety of clients’ levels when necessary. We offer classes to suit all ages and abilities- from Beginner to Advanced- and schedule the sessions 7 days a week from early in the morning until later in the day. Each 45 minute class follows a classical flow using only your bodyweight as resistance, by doing these affordable sessions regularly you will quickly notice improvements in your flexibility, mobility and strength. 

Get to know our team and other members of the Exhale community by trying a live class to hold yourself accountable and work hard even when you’re unable to visit us at the studio.