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We mentioned briefly in the previous post, how Pilates can get the blood flowing to aid digestion and increase your metabolism… here we research deeper in to various digestive problems and how they are helped by practising Pilates.

Approximately 40% of people in the UK experience digestive symptoms at some point in their lives. I have personally experienced digestive problems that I had for years, which eventually have become corrected and regulated through Pilates. I am one of many to be living proof that this method really works!

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These various digestive issues can be experienced through: indigestion, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn and bloating. If you see your doctor regarding these issues they will often advise over the counter drugs to release the discomfort – short term! However, as most digestive problems are linked to your lifestyle, the foods you eat, or even stress, we need to make long-term change. Taking steps to change your lifestyle can help rid and prevent many of these symptoms, especially when diagnosed with minor or serious chronic issues (IBS, Chrones disease, and so on).

It is the movement of the exercises that creates a deep internal massage effect to help improve elimination of toxinsreduce anxiety and stress levels leading to symptoms, balance hormones, restore function in organs, muscles, joints, & bones, plus preventing disease. It doesn’t end there, strengthen the cardiovascular system and build strength and endurance in all tissues of the body; strengthening through the digestive tract to the pelvic floor. 

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Using Pilates equipment will enhance this deep internal movement directly effecting the digestive processes. Notably the Pilates barrels allow the digestive tract to be lengthened with support and assistance from the barrel, into ranges that would not be achievable elsewhere… As seen in vogue this year.


For aid of digestion (metabolism) you should focus on Pilates exercises that lift through the torso in extension – like the Swan! How? by lying on your front with elbows tucked in to your side and hands under the shoulders, press up and lengthen your digestive tract; open chest, engaged abs and now you are stimulating food processing.  

‘The Pilates method offers the ultimate science-based, impact free way to move in all ranges for all needs.’

Of course there are other factors involved to help better/prevent digestive issues, including ‘simplifying the foods you eat to those that are less acidic or inflammatory, flush out the digestive system with plenty of filtered, still water through the day, reduce caffeine and alcohol (which set up inflammatory and acidic response in the gut), and eat mindfully. To eat mindfully means you pay attention to not only ‘what’ you eat, but ‘how’ you eat. Chew, chew, chew, and then chew some more. Take your time, and make use of your body’s digestive fluids from the mouth all the way through.’

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