Your Health

Joseph Pilates published an informative and explanatory book about his method and other opinions & facts about the world and human health, named ‘Your Health’, in 1934.

Joe was a profound man, extremely ahead of his time, but he knew this and so he stayed patient and confident in his findings.

‘All new ideas are revolutionary and when the theory responsible for them is proved, through practical application, it requires only time for them to develop and flourish. Such revolutionary ideas simply cannot be ignored. They cannot be kept in the background. Time and progress are synonymous terms, nothing can stop either. Truth will prevail and that is why I know that my teachings will reach the masses and finally be adopted as universal.’

Now, I strongly believe that each individual who has experienced the true Pilates method can see why Joe was so confident in it’s benefits and undoubtable flourishing; and it did certainly spread across the world soon after. However, as a disciple of Pilates I feel a strong need to share the medically proven, life changing form of exercise/rehabilitation, with the rest of the world who either aren’t aware of the method or who are stuck with a negative stigma like many.

‘Where flat feet, curvature of the spine, protruding stomach, stooped-shoulders, hollow chest, hollow back, bow legs, and knocked-kneed conditions are cured through corrective exercises.’

The book reminds me of other profound writings such as ‘ways of seeing’ that are written to tempt your perspective on certain things and leave you with a different outlook, in this case on life & our health.

‘PERFECT balance of Body and Mind, is that quality in civilised man, which not only gives him superiority over the savage and animal kingdom, but furnishes him with all the physical and mental powers that are indispensable for attaining the goal on mankind – HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

The purpose of this booklet is to transmit in a simple form, the causes of present day ill-health and immoral conditions, and the resultant effects which prevent the average human being from attaining this physical perfection – man’s inherited birthright.

The author in this booklet tries to teach the reader in simple words the way to correct our present deplorable system of physical and moral education, and to enable each, through a proper understanding of his body, to become fit for the daily tasks ahead of him.’

The book questions our logic in deciding why we listen to certain authorities, media, and advisors about what we eat, what we drink, how we live, even to how we think. How many times have you received conflicted opinions on these matters?

Statistics show far too many human beings dying much before their time, whom if they had followed a naturally developed healthy lifestyle abiding the natural laws of life, could have given themselves decades more of life to enjoy.

Whether it is based on money making, plain ignorance, stubbornness to change an opinion, or just simply not caring, the people behind the negative and even incorrect commands to how you live your life have some answering to do.

‘Why haven’t our educators the moral courage to advocate the immediate destruction of all the old and musty orthodox tomes which continue to perpetrate the teaching of false health doctrines? Why don’t they actively advocate the immediate substitution therefore of modern physical culture books based upon sane, sound and safe such as I have preached in this book? Do you want the answer? Because such adoption would ruin them.’

The problem Pilates’ preaching here in 1934 is still very much a detrimental problem to mankind today. Obesity levels, even here in the UK, are soaring. Mental health continues to be dealt with in various incorrect ways. Our children grow up with false ideals, still today!

‘From time immemorable, it has been the stupid parents, wholly ignorant of the laws of nature, who have unknowingly inflicted needless cruelty upon their offspring. They have laboured under the false impression that their growing children must stretch their little legs out straight while sleeping in their beds instead of permitting them to retain the natural and normal position in sleep. That normal position is one in which they entered the world. It is a position similar to that taken by the cat family and other animals when they curl themselves up in a ‘coil’, just before going to sleep.


Pilates invented various types of beds and mattresses that were seen as revolutionary due to their correctional and comfortable qualities. When Joe took his inventions to leading bed and mattress manufacturers they marvelled at the invention but declined a change in their product as it would mean too much money on re-advertising and re-branding. However, Joe discovered the company used his facts and findings in a large advertising campaign claiming the benefits of Joe’s invention while marketing their existing bedding, all of which was untrue and a ruse that would hinder Joe from advertising anything similar.

The world works and has developed in many strange ways. Almost everything in this life occurs due to some sort of intention from another party. One thing you do have is ‘Your Health’ and Pilates’ method to reinstate our natural and normal, physical and mental health.


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