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Pilates Chalk Farm

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Rosanna Ramsay

I started Tower Classes with Gaby about six months ago, as an absolute beginner in Pilates (and exercise in general if I’m honest!) and I’m completely hooked. The best thing is how much stronger I feel – I quickly noticed that in other fitness classes I find core exercises much easier than I used to. I really look forward to my class each week, which is somehow relaxing but also feels like a great work out… and we always have a laugh as well...

Sandra Levine

Pilates is never leaving my life I’m truly addicted.

Marie Charalambous

I can't tell you in words how wonderful the last two weeks have been... You've made a mother of 3 with the weight of the world on her shoulders stand tall and smile again... Thank you Gaby Noble for being the best Pilates instructor and for being you...

Marie Charalambous

Katie Butler

By chance I met Gaby in Chalk Farm (near to work) and she introduced me to her studio… ExhalePilatesLondon. It all looked very daunting but the idea of working with equipment to support my twisted alignment and weak core seemed like a good idea. The first class was a 1-2-1 and Gaby took me through the equipment and gently showed me what my body was capable of achieving...

Rebecca Murillo

Gaby's classes are Epic!

Anita Whittle

Thanks Gaby. You have been an inspirational teacher and I feel so lucky to have had such individual attention and encouragement. You have given us all your unflagging energy, enthusiasm and love, but my goodness you make us work hard! However, the reward of a pain free back and feeling great makes it all worthwhile...

John Taylor

Gaby masterfully got me and my back in shape for the Mississippi Million challenge- an event requiring circa 30 miles of tough rowing over a number of days. Indeed whilst some other crew members experienced back strain my only problem was an infected finger-not part of Gaby's remit. Thank you Gaby.

John Taylor

Donna Jacobs

My Pilates journey has definitely started and I love it. I was quite dubious at the start but now go 2-3 x per week and my core and posture has completely changed for the better. Gaby is a great teacher who works you hard and is very attentive...

Keren Pretzia

The best place to do Classical Pilates

Harriet Durbin

I feel like a new person! Pilates is like a deep massage that results in relaxation, strength and better posture I always feel so good after a Pilates class.

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