Reformer Classes


Lying, kneeling, sitting or standing; each reformer class is a total body workout and a balance between strength, flexibility and control.

This class is based predominantly around the Reformer, and also includes other pieces of studio equipment, where needed, to help challenge areas of difficulty. The Goal of the reformer classes is to create an increased variety of coordinated movements and allow this puppy to do what is was named to do…reform your body!


This package is great for clients wanting to join our reformer based classes and/or who are considering EPL’s private sessions. You will have two sessions centered around the specifics of your body requirements. You will learn the key principles and terminology of Pilates whilst familiarising yourself with the specialised movements on the reformer.

It’s important to note that the Pilates reformer gets better and better as its user becomes more familiar with it, and can be an unstable piece of apparatus when they don’t; the Reformer Induction will ensure you are getting the best of the reformer for your body and getting the most out of your sessions in an efficient and safe way.