Tower Classes


Our signature Tower class creates a long, lean and fit physique; improving posture and toning your entire body. Utilising spring resistance these fun and energising classes combine all aspects of Pilates from working on the mat to working with the added challenge of the springs.

Tower classes help you understand your body by challenging balance, alignment and increasing mobility. You will strengthen & stretch your muscles with each movement whilst controlling the springs from your core so they don’t control you! 5 mins in you’ll soon realise there’s no room to cheat! If you want to challenge the whole body and walk away feeling strong, connected and tall this is definitely the class for you!

*Limited to 6 per session

*Tower classes at EPL are separated into ability and familiarity levels / Advanced classes should not be booked unless you have been given the green light by a teacher.

*Classes do not cater for major injuries or rehabilitation

*Great tool and test for clients that enjoy Mat Pilates


Interested in our Tower classes but never used one? Think they look like torture chambers or just wanting to familiarise yourself before jumping into a class? This is the induction package for you. Work with our highly skilled teachers to become familiar with the terminology and movements of Pilates on the Tower so as to get the best out of your individually-tailored session as well as the complimentary class offered in this pack.