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I would like to apply for enrolment with Authentic Pilates Education UK to be held at the Exhale Pilates London, and agree to abide by the rules, protocol and student code of conduct set by the APE and I agree to maintain proper behaviour during my enrolment. I understand my enrolment can be suspended or cancelled should I breach the rules and protocols, use inappropriate behaviour, or endanger others or myself.I understand that the deposit of £1,000 must be paid prior to commencement of my course.I further agree to give APE seven (14) days notice if I do not intend to attend the course I have been enrolled into and agree that should I fail to give such notice then I am liable for full course fee to be invoiced.I have read and understood the APE Code of Practice.I understand and agree that I will apply these ethics to my work practice in accordance with the Authentic Pilates Education Student / Apprentice Code of Practice.

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Exhale Pilates London (Natwest Bank)
Sort Code: 60-04-24
Account number: 10289216
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Please download your enrolment agreement, sign and hand it to your Teacher Trainer.

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