Taking our Pilates mock test before your exam will unlock a world of benefits that will propel you toward success on the big day! You can book a mock exam at any time, we suggest to allow a few days at least between your mock and real exam for time to digest any feedback and have time to practice if need be.

Our mock exam helps you to become familiar with the exam format and questioning, reducing any potential anxiety associated with the unknown. Readiness is key on exam day, and taking our mock exam helps boost your self-assurance by familiarising you to the assessment environment.

You’ll receive instant feedback on your teaching which is invaluable as it allows you to pinpoint areas that require improvement and make necessary adjustments to your focus points for your real exam. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gauge your current level of readiness, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your knowledge and technique.

By doing so, you can focus your study efforts where they are needed most and walk in to your exam full of confidence and can enjoy the experience on the day.

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