Lisa Singer


Lisa discovered Pilates 15 years ago through back issues and was  a regular client going to different studios and teachers which she always enjoyed. However when Lisa came to Exhale did she really see the difference in teaching and the true benefit of Classical Pilates. She quickly became so passionate about the method that she signed up to Exhales Teacher Training programme and has never looked back.

Lisa has seen the way the method has strengthened her body, changed her posture and energised her soul particularly when balancing a busy event career. Lisa aims to help clients manage stress levels through the method and ultimately feel fantastic. She believes it is a miraculous way to tone and sculpt your body (and your mind!) look after your spine and is essential for good health as we grow older.

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Q&A with Lisa

Tell us one non-Pilates fact about you?

I am obsessed with musicals!

What is your favourite Pilates apparatus?

The Small Barrel –I hold so much tension in my shoulders, so I love to use the barrel to release my upper body, and it’s like magic…I feel like a different person afterwards, light, happy and ready to go!

Which three words describe your personality?

Sociable, kind and jovial!

Which three words describe your teaching style?

Attentive, encouraging, hard-working

Do you have a nickname?

Not really! Some people call me Lisa-loo

What’s your favourite post-Pilates snack?

Almond Cappucino


The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power.Joseph Pilates