Lucrezia Bonuglia

Mat Teacher

Lucrezia’s journey into the Pilates world started whilst in her contemporary dance training. Pilates and dance work together in more ways than one and it fascinated her. She felt that the work in Pilates complimented her dance training due the mind body connections, the flow and working with every single tiny muscle in her body from head to toe. Initially she trained as a contemporary Pilates teacher and worked in various studios across North London. She then realised that the true classical Pilates method is what best created and matched those flows and connections that she desired throughout her workouts. Lucrezia is the proud Co Owner of Lumia Dance Ltd, a dance school in North London. She believes that one of life’s best gifts is the one to pass on, motivate and share knowledge with others.

Since taking the Exhale Pilates Master Mat course, she has delved even deeper into her Pilates practice and feel so passionate to share the benefits of this beautiful method.

“Anyone, from any walk of life can join a Pilates class. It truly is movement for everyone!”

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Lucrezia Bonuglia
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Q&A with Lucrezia

Tell us one non-Pilates fact about you?

I am a proud Italian!

What’s your favourite post Pilates snack?

Most definitely PIZZA! But after a lovely Pilates class, it’s got to be a smoothie or coffee!

What is your favourite Pilates apparatus?

The reformer. It truly feels like you are reforming your body and I love the feedback it gives to the body.

Which three words describe your personality?

Bubbly, energetic and caring!

What is your nickname?

I don’t have one but Lu is fine, my name is LONG!

What do you love about Exhale?

The inviting and friendly environment, all the teachers are encouraging and kind!


The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power.Joseph Pilates