Michaela Harris


Michaela discovered Pilates through post pregnancy and a sports injury. Whilst earlier experience was predominantly rehab Pilates she soon realised the difference after visiting Exhale. Experiencing this emotional journey she trained in the first teacher training program with a view to help others with the system that had helped heal and inspire her.
With her friendly attitude, her intention is to stay true to the traditional tenets of the Pilates method and to follow closely the logical learning process as originally conceived by founder Joseph Pilates.
“I want to make Pilates a pleasurable learning experience that’s simple, thorough and effective. Enabling people to experience a joyful connection to themselves, tapping into a reserve of power and freedom like never before”.

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Gaby Noble
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Q&A with Michaela

Tell us one non-Pilates fact about you?

I love vintage clothing!

What is your favourite Pilates apparatus?

Wunda Chair – I don’t get to use it enough, but it continuously challenges me when I do.

Which three words describe your personality?

Sensitive, happy and sometimes loud.

Which three words describe your teaching style?

Vigorous, focused, pleasure.

What is your nickname?


What is your favourite post-Pilates snack?

Eggs any way with toast and decaf coffee…tend to not snack!


The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power.Joseph Pilates